Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Midterms/Spring Break

‘Tis the week of midterms already!  Thankfully, all of them are completed and went very well (or so I think).   That means that it is time for Spring Break!  Before spring break, however, the MCAS program has a four-day stay in Tunisia.  This trip has many interesting events planned for us to experience the Arabian culture of Tunisia.  I am EXTREMELY excited to experience one of the major influences on the Sicilian culture.  If I’m not mistaken, we get to take a camelback ride!  After this brief stay in Tunisia, a few students (Nate, Frankie, Katie, and Nicole) and I are going to Amsterdam!  During the second half of the week, Frankie, Katie, and Nicole are going different places while Nate and I are renting bikes and taking a tour of the Netherlands.  Our destinations include Den Haag, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.  In my next post, I promise to have MANY many pictures of my experiences and travels!

This past week was rather low-key.  Much of my free time was devoted to relaxing, enjoying the sun, and trying to get over the cold that has been going around the program.  Of course, my free time was limited due to my black and white photography project due after Spring Break.  Many hours were devoted to making prints of some of the better images I had taken (again, I will have those for the next post.  I promise!)  On Sunday, our Spanish friends, Paloma and Gonzo went for a walk with us (Frankie, Nate, and me) along the cliffs of Syracuse (not quite as stunning as the cliffs of Dover).  These provided stunning views of Syracuse/Ortigia, on a sunny day, Etna, and, of course, the Mediterranean.  Here are some pictures:
                                                        Anti-Berlusconi Graffiti

Well, I need to start packing for my Tunisian endeavors!  Until after spring break!

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