Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Week Past!

Oy vey!  It’s been a long time since my last post.  I’ve been busy busy busy!  For a change, the weather was actually enjoyable for the week!  It was sunny and warm-ish (by warm, I mean 50s).  However, today the rain picked up again and looks to continue throughout the week.  We were lucky with the weather because of all the traveling we did.

On Tuesday, a few classes had field trips open to all students, so of course I went!  A World War II history museum and a film history museum (both in Catania) were part of the trip as well as a bread maker in Lentini.  This bread maker was such an artist and made sure to get all of us students in on the action.  It was quite remarkable to see him work.  The rest of the week was devoted to school work and such.

                                                         A Valentine Sunrise

                                                    The Breadmaster at Work

Saturday, a few of us went to Ragusa just to explore the city.  It turned out to be a great adventure!  We really enjoyed the architecture of the churches and the beautiful scenery of more inland Sicily.  Other than the scenery and architecture, there was not a whole lot to do here.  Regardless, it was a wonderful experience to share with some of my new friends.  Sunday evening, the students in my program went to Palazzolo to celebrate Carnivale with the locals.  This turned out to be one of the most exciting experiences I have had!  There were so many people crammed into a tiny area to see the procession.  The floats in the parade were all works of art and… words are hard to describe how fantastic they were.  Most (if not all) were mechanical and moved around to music being played.  As if that wasn’t enough, they were all made from paper mache from newspapers throughout the year.

                                                         Beautiful Ragusa

                                  People crowding the stairs of a church for Carnivale

This week, I couldn’t be as adventurous with food because my card has yet to arrive.  I’m hoping (nay praying) it comes in today or tomorrow.  I did have a really good cannolo!  I think that’s all this time around.  Mid terms are next week, so I have quite a bit of studying ahead of me.  Ciao!

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